Partner with Loopstacks and start selling your kits today!

We are always looking for quality sound designers/producers to work with and we would love to hear from you.

  • We are interested in: Original drum kit, sound kit, sound bank, loops, midi pattern, VST Presets, Sample Libraries etc..
  • Sell your Kits at Loopstacks and generate some extra income! Vendors get 50% for each sale, payments are sent monthly via PayPal, and all sales can be tracked through our vendor commission dashboard. You will receive more info after we have checked your Product(s).
  • Please note: We will check all product submissions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every product will be posted on our site. We will respond to your submission if it is eligible for sale on our website as soon as possible.


What we do and what you get?

  • Design an artwork for your kits.
  • Promote your kits on THAIBEATS channel.
  • We get your product into the hands of hundreds of producers from across the globe!
  • You get paid to do something you love!


If you want to work with us, email your demo kit to: