GC BEATS – Sunny Day (Bundle)

Loopstacks​ is introducing the new ​Sunny Day Drum kit​ created by GC BEATS. In this kit, you will get over 90 custom drum sounds. This Drum Kit is perfect for producers who are looking for clean and punchy drums with particular effects.  This Drum Kit is perfect for K-pop and R&B beats.

This Kit contains:  7 808s  x 4 Claps  x 4 Crash x  8 Sound Fx x  18 Hi-hat and Open x Hat  7 Kicks  x 8 Percs  x 5 Rims  x 6 Snaps  x 11 Snares  x 10 Subs

Sunny Day Vol.2​ you will get over 70 custom drum samples, perfect for the producer who is looking for drums that cut through the mix. This selection is perfect for R&B, Future Bass and Trap beats.

This Kit contains:  12 808s  x 10 Claps x 2 Clash x 16 Sound Fxs x 10 Hats  7 x Open-Hats x 13 Kicks  x 13 Perc x 10 Snares

59.99$ 39.99$

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